Antiques & Second hand Goods Export & Import Belgium is a business to business wholesaler from Belgium. We distribute a broad choice of secondhand goods ranging from high-end antiques and unique items, to bric-a-brac and everyday household items like home decoration, clothing, kitchenware and much more. Our passion about antiques and fine arts together with our years of experience to provide a professional service to our customers makes us a great and reliable business partner to work with. We'd love to hear about your projects and provide you with your custom made selection of products. Read more about it here.

Compose Your own Containers of Antiques and Second hand Products

We sell large volumes of antiques and second hand goods for export. As our customer you can compose your own orders via container(s)/trailers with the goods you want. We always provide a diverse and balanced amount of goods and utilize 100% of the container's volume. You can start shopping now and compose your own order very easily on this webshop. More info on the complete purchasing process can be found here.

Our Services

Taking care of transportation

You can choose to let us take care of your orders transport. We'll find the best quotation and book the transport for you.

Packing your goods

We pack all products using protective materials like bubblewrap and cardboard, so that no transport damage is possible.

Loading your container

We'll use 100% of your containers volume and load the products with great care.

Taking care of paperwork

We can take care of all paperwork involving your order and transportation for you.

One of a kind antique "Bellows" centre table New
Original set of tin Potstainiers Hutois decorative plates 1958 New
Worthy heirs of goldsmiths of the Middle Ages, Potstainiers Hutois have a wide selection of traditio..
Impeccable high-end leather sofa set 3-1-1 New
Antique armchair 1920 New
Antique armchair 1920. Perfect condition. ..
Beautiful Belgian antique "Mechelen" oak cupboard 1920. Super condition. ..
Danish vintage leather 2-1-1 set with relax function on all seats. Flawless 1970. ..
"Stand Up" electrical leather relax chair. Absolutely new condition. Price in The Netherlands: €2.65..
Impressive 100% oak table with 6 green velours chairs. Flawless. ..