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Used Toys

These items are sold by the volume and are usually packed in banana boxes. 

Please note that having these kind of goods in your cart together with used furniture products will to a certain degree not affect your remaining buying volume. We carefully stuff these boxes inside and underneath the used furniture so that all volume gets used.

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Second hand Toys - Big piece

Note that this is a price per piece product: Big toy pieces like rides, big stuffed animals, etc.....

Used Hard Toys - Mix - carton boxes 58x38x32 - 100kg

Note that this is a price per volume product (per 14 - 16 boxes of 58cm x 38cm x 32cm): Us..

Used Soft Toys - Mix - 1m3

Note that this is a price per m3 product: Used soft toys like teddy bears, cartoon figures, etc..

Vintage porcelain doll in perfect condition

Vintage porcelain doll in perfect condition. We have always 30 different porcelain dolls on stock.&n..