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A++ Bed Room Furniture Sets - Mix - 1m3

A++ Bed Room Furniture Sets - Mix - 1m3

NOTE THAT THIS IS A PRICE PER VOLUME PRODUCT. This price = per 1 cubic meter of this product when stuffed (in container/trailer): A mix of bed room furniture sets. A set can contain beds, riffles, night cabinets, a wardrobe, a commode cabinet or chest of drawers with a mirror, and chairs.

Made of mostly solid oak and some of solid walnut, beech, rosewood, pine, teak, mahogany and cherry wood.

Beds and wardrobes will always be disassembled.

Sold by the volume, minimum order is 3 cubic meters. On average 1 cubic meter = 1,5 piece of furniture. A standard complete bedroom set is approximately 3 cubic meters when disassembled. 

These are all A++ furniture pieces, which means they have a high value design an are in mint condition.

When bought together with home decoration & kitchenware, used clothing or second hand toys these products will be stuffed inside and underneath the furniture pieces.

Note that you will not be able to specifically hand pick a certain piece or set in the used furniture products. Give us a clear picture of what you need (in your profile settings) in terms of style, quality and choice of products, and we will do all we can to provide this in a consistent way.

How do we pack your products? Go to this page for more info.

Sold perVolume
Dimensions1m x 1m x 1m
Average set/piece volume3 cubic meters (when disassembled)
OriginBelgium & Holland
MaterialMostly solid oak and some of solid walnut, beech, rosewood, pine, teak, mahogany and cherry wood.
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  • Product Code: Bed Room Furniture Sets
  • Availability: 55
This product has a minimum quantity of 3

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