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Antique Export Business

What is an antiquity?

An antique is a piece that has reached an age that makes it attested to the past. To consider an object as an antiquity is something subjective, and depends on the type of object. Antiques are usually bought and sold at antique dealers. Vintage fashion is hitting hard in the westernized world and that has caused the appearance of many businesses that try to offer these products.

While antiques undoubtedly pay homage to the past, exhibiting them in a more modern way can give new life to their spaces.

"The personal touch of adding antiquities to a modern space allows them to stand out much more than what was shown in an exhibition room, breaking the monotony of a room of the time," said Benoist F. Drut, owner of the Maison Gerard gallery in the city of New York.

"Curing antiquities inside an interior gives the space a narrative," said Georgina Wood, design director at Taylor Howes, based in London. "There is something around the poetry that adds when juxtaposed against a modern canvas, it is often found that when a piece is removed from a traditional environment, the character of the piece stands out more and has more impact."

When we appreciate old articles we are also evaluating the step and all that this entails at a historical, sentimental and social level. At A-exports we are a respectful team with all the objects, both with the most important piece and with the most humble, all of them contribute with their grain of sand and all have great importance. You will always find pieces for every type of collector, whether capricious, curious or people with good taste.

What can we find at A-Exports?

Constant surprises! In the first place, objects that move our heart and our memory transport us to any time in history. From an antique painting, graphic work, sculpture, ceramics and porcelain, silver objects, ivory figures (with certificate of antiquity), antique objects, furniture and decorative art in general.

With experience in evaluating these pieces, we have been specialized for several years in the sale of various objects, art and antiques in Holland, Belgium and its surroundings. Our professional work happens, first of all, it allows us to give a serious and special attention to each one of our clients.

Classification of antiques

In the world there is a great variety of antiques and each corresponds to a particular taste of collectors. Although there may be occasions in which those interested in the varied collections of objects from different periods, materials or artistic manifestations or field objects and others, antiques are like everything, a variety that satisfies the personal taste of each collector and which naturally strive to classify in an appropriate way.

There are antiquities from offices. Truly amazing! For those who enjoy making a collection with objects of desks, lecterns, disused typewriters, even tile and furniture and everything concerning a work environment. But there are also those who love the collections of objects such as war, and especially the Second World War, as well as weapons that are boats among other objects.

It is very popular to acquire objects related to farm work, because used in decoration give way to what is known as historical decoration and are more accessible in price and much easier to obtain. But there are also those who enjoy collecting silver objects, whether they are utensils made in it that are intended for use in the office that spoons, plates and trays and other household and kitchen appliances, or fountain pens, accessories and all other silver .

Like the plant there is a great movement within the collection of collectible products, copper, iron, stone, and small that large or relatively old in this case some are not 100 years ago but because they fell in disuse for some time become coveted antiquities.

Depending on the materials they are, a large or small collection can be achieved, logically that a variety of stone antiques is much more expensive to acquire and maintain, because some date back to antiquity and many as sculptures or small pieces of furniture are not accessible to most collectors and is located in cultural venues.

In contrast silver antiques are more accessible due to the constant sale of family assets that sometimes, especially in Europe, can cover centuries of existence in beautiful games of silverware, shields and other small objects that are the golden dream of a collector.

Do your antique business

You wonder what it is to do business in this context. It is simply buying cheap and selling at a high price. Maybe you've seen TV shows about people who rummage through old country houses or second-hand shops with the hope of finding lost treasures to take advantage of. They are exciting and addictive, as is the intrigue of the search itself. It is not only now when the search for antiques has become fashionable. In fact, it was something important during the 70s and 80s. As the styles changed, many people were throwing away old items, such as furniture that was outdated. But the styles keep changing. What might not be popular 10 or 20 years ago may come back into fashion now and thus gain value. At A-Exports we offer everything you need to do your own business, excellent quality, variety, price and advice. And of course, a constantly changing stock.