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Doing Business with A-Exports


We are a business to business wholesaler and sell both large and small volumes for export. If you wish to do business with us you can apply for a customer account. As our customer you can compose your own orders with the goods you want to buy. We always provide a diverse and balanced amount of goods that have a good quality and we utilize 100% of the shipping container's volume. Start shopping now and compose your own order very easily on this webshop! 
Note that some of our products are sold by the volume, and that for these products you will sometimes not be able to specifically hand pick a certain peace or set. Give us a clear picture of what you need, and we will do all we can to provide this in a consistent way.


The price of an order will greatly depend on what's in your order and the total volume you want to purchase. Payments can be done thru bank transfer or Paypal. Note that a receipt of advance payment must be visible to us before we start the loading process. Full payment must be visible before shipping.

Loading and Shipment

After a receipt of payment is confirmed the items will be loaded by our professional stuffing team on the day of your choice, and shipped. The total delivery time will depend on your location and transporter.

Come visit us

We consider personal contact with our clients very important for building a reliable business relationship. Therefor we warmly welcome you to visit our office and warehouse. Make an appointment here