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"Stand Up" electrical leather relax chair

"Stand Up" electrical leather relax chair

"Stand Up" electrical leather relax chair. Absolutely new condition. Price in The Netherlands: €2.650. At €625.

A stand-up chair, also known as a standing chair, is an electrically adjustable armchair that makes it easier for people with a physical disability to get up out of a chair.  A stand-up chair rises through the use of an electric motor and tilts the person forwards, so that getting up is easy.  In addition to getting up, the person can also be helped to sit down;  it prevents it from 'falling' in the chair.  The person sits down with the seat in the highest position and lowers the seat to the floor again by means of the electric motor.  A stand-up chair usually also has a relax function.  Such adjustable seats offer high seating comfort, which is why we should actually talk about "comfort armchairs".

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